Certificate - The Art of Watercolor : Paint Your Vision of the World / David Poxon RI, NWS

Certificate - Oil Painting Techniques; Vermeer

Certificate - Oil Painting Techniques; Rembrandt

Certificate - Oil Painting Techniques; El Greco

Certificate - Rigorous Color Theory for Artists

Certificate - Old Masters Drawing Techniques

Certificate - The Laws of Visual Perception: Unit, Weight, Balance and Movement

Certificate - Impressionism

Certificate - Oil Painting Course

Certificate - Learning Activity Design for Museum Educators

Certificate - Scenography course for cinema, theater and TV

Certificate - Art Management & Exhibition Design

Certificate - Icon painting course

Certificate - Writing a scientific research article

Lea Laboy - Professional Fine Artist.
A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts.
Last Akoun cotation 2021 : 2500 euros
Lea Laboy is the author of books in the fiels of art :
  • "Dissertation on the color blue"
  • "Flight as an ecstatic experience of freedom"
  • "Discourse on French painting 1610 - 1789"
    ( co - author )


" I'm curious about everyone, hungry for everything, greedy for all ideas. My awareness that not everything can be seen, not everything read and not everything thought torments me like the loss of..."

Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet